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When the web met the internet it transformed the world - ecommerce brought the offline, online and created powerful monopolies - the result of which we now live with and depend on every day. A new digitally enabled environment.

It is now inevitable that environment will be transformed again by Blockchain technology providing the framework for AI and IoT innovations as the Internet did for the web.

Last time around the revolution empowered incumbents and created yet more powerful monoliths able to own and control our environment. Created more lock-ins and toll-roads, owned by the powerful and operated for their further empowerment and profit.

As we enter the 4th industrial revolution despite a focus on decentralisation we are still on the same path, to re-create and re-empower again the magnates and incumbents - globally

Barry E James explains the World First Task Force

Will we become victims of our future - or its architects?

This is not inevitable. Blockchain, in concert with other innovative technologies, offers us the capabilities to create global,national and local public infrastructure owned by and operated for the benefit of all. Highways not toll roads.

Currently this is no-ones job. The UK has it’s Cryptoassets Taskforce formed of government, our central bank and regulator seeking to figure out the direction of travel for the existing economy. Other countries the same. This inevitably leaves change to be driven solely by innovators and entrepreneurs. Most of whom care about creating a better world, but have little common vision or coordination.

Because neither advocacy nor creation of such common public infrastructure is currently nobodies job we now need a Taskforce focussed on putting not America, the UK or even Europe first - but putting first the world and its people.

Working with the innovators and focussed on creating the global public infrastructure that can empower us all by providing transparency and so trust as a new global norm.

This won't happen of its own accord - we will need to make it happen.

Which is why we need your help.

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